Best Things to Do When in Jervis Bay

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Jervis Bay is one of the top tourist spots in New South Wales, Australia. Despite its size, this place is renowned for its natural beauty and stunningly clear waters. It also boasts the whitest sand in the whole world. For first timers, you may be wondering what could be the best things to do there. Aside from enjoying its beautiful white sandy beaches, here are some things you must try to experience while in Jervis Bay.

Swimming, Snorkeling and Stand Up Paddleboarding

Known for its beautiful coast, one of the top activities to enjoy here is swimming. Aside from that, you can also go snorkelling to experience nature’s finest underwater beauty. The bay’s calm waters make it safe for stand up paddle boarding, which is becoming a hit lately.


After a long day’s adventures, feel nature’s embrace by camping here. Tourists and surfers love camping around the area due to its serene and relaxing ambience. Glamping is also becoming a trend for campers who want to go camping with some luxurious amenities. When you plan on glamping at Jervis Bay, you should book in advance since accommodations are usually fully booked especially during summer.

Food Trip

Food will never be missed out on anyone’s adventure itinerary. There are lots of restaurants nearby that serve mouth-watering seafood dishes. You can really enjoy a scenic view of Jervis Bay over a sumptuous meal. Some may also offer live entertainment evenings during Fridays and Saturdays to spice up the mood.

Wandering Along the Coast

You might think it’s boring but walking along the coastline of Jervis Bay is really exciting. Aside from feeling that immaculately white sand between your toes, you may also get a glimpse of dolphins playing in the waters. Remember to always get a swimwear ready as those crystal clear waters are always tempting.


You may not know but Jervis Bay also has naturally beautiful botanical gardens which you can visit during the day. Take a stroll, cook some barbecue and have a picnic on garden lawns amidst lovely flowers.

Get a Taste of Their Locally Grown Produce

Aside from being a coastal region, Jervis Bay is also proud of its great tasting wines from locally grown produce. Experience tasting some of the finest wine varieties like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc directly at the cellar door. Aside from its wine, they also have local sweets such as marinated fruit, jams and craft beers.

Luxury Sailing

Experience the best of Jervis Bay waters by luxury sailing. Charter a boat for a memorable experience with you family or friends. You can experience diving, swimming, snorkeling and paddleboarding all in one package. Watch dolphins jump and play around. You might even spot some whales if you’re lucky. You may also enjoy a peaceful lunch at some uninhabited white island.

Visit the Museum

Learn more about the story of Jervis Bay through the exhibits in its museum. They house a lot of historical stuff, from maritime artefacts to photos and paintings which tells a lot about its heritage.

Want to take a vacation while enjoying nature’s finest views, try Jervis Bay. Surely, it will give you an adventure worth remembering.