Budget Travelling Tips for Australians

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Travelling in Australia can be an amazing experience. But it can also be quite expensive. If you are a cash-strapped Aussie who wants to cruise around the continent and enjoy all its beauty, here are several budget travel tips that may be useful:

Use Domestic Airlines

Domestic air travel in Australia is getting more competitive, and thus cheaper. There are great domestic carriers like Jetstar, Virgin, and Tiger Airways where consumers can find great deals. Always compare flight prices online. You can use a local site like Skyscanner that shows a good number of rates for domestic Australian flights. Also, be on the lookout for deals offered by airlines. Jetstar, for example, has a Friday Frenzy deal where tickets to select destinations can be as cheap as $20! You can avoid extra middleman fees by booking directly from the airline as well.

Find Travel Package Promotions and Coupons

You can search online for travel promo codes for various destinations, hotels, or airliners. You can save around 10 or 20 percent of the total cost of accommodation or transport with a promotion. These are, of course, not always available. If you know the dates of your trip in advance, keep your eye on discounts online. Don’t wait to take advantage of a promo code because they get used up quickly and also change each month.

Be Fuel Efficient Road Trips

Going on a road trip? Then one of your major expenses will be fuel. There are several things you can do to save up on fuel prices. First, have your car services before you leave. It’s for safety as well as for eliminating excessive fuel consumption. Plan your routes in advance, so you don’t waste fuel driving around needlessly. Also, removing any extra weight in the car can save fuel as well as space.


Use Discount Tourist Cards

Certain travel agencies and tourist attractions offer discount cards for visitors. For example, the most popular attractions in well-visited place like Tasmania offer visitors discounted rates for packaged deals. Sometimes there are single price special offers too. You will have to go look for them to find them. When you plan your itinerary, always visit the official websites for the attractions you want to visit to find some of these discount cards along with other useful information.

Use Public Transportation

Instead of hailing an Uber or spending money on renting a car, use public transportation in various cities to get around. This option will not be available in rural Australia, but favourite destinations like Sydney and Melbourne have excellent public transportation systems. Sydney, for example, has a CBD shuttle service that is complete free to use. You can also use buses in and between towns and cities. Greyhound Australia is a good option to travel short distances between towns without paying hefty airfare.

Stay at Hostels

Hotels can be notoriously expensive in Australia, especially in cities. A good budget alternative is a hostel. Hostels may not have all the amenities that hotels offer, like mini bars or pools, but you will get a comfy bed at a very low price. Also, hostels are great places to meet new people.

You can also try free camping to save up on accommodation costs. Go online, or to an app like WikiCamps, to find out which designated parks in Australia offer free camping options.