Car Detailing Supplies Every Garage Must Have

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or not, keeping your car at its finest quality is essential to make it last longer. Aside from regular maintenance checks on the engine and other parts, there is still one thing you can do to keep your car looking good as new – car detailing. This refers to the process of cleaning and polishing a vehicle’s exterior so it looks shiny and appealing just like those cars in a car show. Aside from that, car detailing also involves thorough interior cleaning so your car stays clean both inside and out.

While you can go to car detailing shops to schedule a detailing service, some folks want to do this in their own garages. If you’re interested in doing a DIY car detailing at home, here are the essential products and tools you need.

Sponge and Towel

Sponges and towels are the most essential tools mainly used to clean the car’s exterior surface. Use sponges on unnoticeable spots on your car since it can cause tiny swirl marks that affect the coat. For overall cleaning, a microfiber towel is best since it effectively lathers and removes dirt from the surface. You can also use a towel to dry your car after a wash.

Cleaning Products

Choose high quality cleaning products that effectively remove stubborn dirt but doesn’t damage the polish of your car. To achieve a thorough clean, you need to prepare professional detailing supplies such as soaps, polish, wax, sealants and many more. Make sure that the product provides protection aside from its cleaning power to ensure that your car’s natural beauty is preserved.

Wax and Sealant

These two products are every car detailer’s best friend. After a tedious process of restoring the exterior surface of a vehicle, these two are used for the finishing touches. A good quality car wax forms a protective layer over the paint so it is protected from damaging factors such as dirt, goo, bird droppings and other more. It also makes dirt easier to remove with light cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaner

Getting a durable car vacuum cleaner is necessary to keep the interior of your car clean. While you can always do it the old fashioned way, car vacuum cleaners make it easier to remove all those dirt trapped in small, hard to reach spaces. Car vacuum cleaners are usually portable and cordless, making it more convenient to use inside the small space of your vehicle. It also comes with different attachments fit for every space and nook in your car.

Car Polisher

After applying wax or sealant, you can make your car look even better by polishing its surface. Car polishing machines provide efficient and even polishing all throughout the car’s surface. You can choose from different buff speed settings and strength depending on how you want it done.

Air Blower

Having a car air blower is helpful when detailing a car. It dries the car efficiently by blowing off trapped moisture in small spaces which can lead to mildew and rust when left unattended.

When you have these items at hand, surely you can give your car that showroom look you’ve always wanted to achieve.