Why Choose a Pool Enclosure over a Cover

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Traditionally, swimming pools are left open without any covering. But this can be inconvenient for regular homeowners. Uncovered swimming pools gather debris like leaves that increase the cost of maintenance. Uncovered pools are also a safety hazard if you have children or pets in the house. For such reasons, many Aussie homeowners now prefer to cover up their pools.

There are two options available to those who want to cover the pool when not in use. First, are swimming pool covers, and the second is pool enclosures. People sometimes choose pool covers because they are cheap. Most pool covers are made from vinyl tarp, and are easy to install and use for a long time. But pool enclosures, which are slightly more expensive, can be more beneficial. Here is a list of reasons why you should choose a pool enclosure over a pool cover:

Pool Enclosures Offer More Privacy

Unlike pool covers, which only cover the surface of the pool, pool enclosures cover up an entire area. They are raised high above the surface of the water, sort of like a greenhouse around plants. This means that people can swim inside without being visible to neighbours. Pool enclosures can be made from transparent glass or tinted glass covering everything inside. Therefore, if privacy is a concern where you live, having a pool enclosure will let you enjoy the pool in peace. In a way, having a pool enclosure is somewhat like having an indoor pool.

Swim in Winter in an Enclosed Pool

One of the biggest advantages of pool enclosures is that they protect the pool area from the elements. You can still swim when it’s snowing or raining badly with an enclosure. In the winter, you can swim in a heated pool with an enclosure that will prevent snow from being carried in by the wind. Pool enclosures can be useful in other seasons as well. For example, during dry seasons when some Australian regions experience dusty wind, pool enclosures can keep the water free from dirt and tumbleweed. If debris is a concern, a pool enclosure will help keep the entire pool area free from it.

Pool Enclosures are more Aesthetically Pleasing

Pool covers are usually vinyl tarps that don’t do much for the backyard decor. Enclosures, on the other hand, can be much more aesthetically pleasing. Pool enclosures can be custom made to suit your already existing yard or outdoor decor. You can also purchase an enclosure already designed to add visually appealing aspects to your outdoor pool area.

Enclosures Don’t “Cave in”

One of the biggest disadvantages of having a tarp enclosure is that these can cave in. Heavy objects like people, children, or pets can walk on to a tarp and make it cave in. A rainy day will definitely make a “pool above the pool” on the tarp. Enclosures do not cave in like tarps because of heavy objects or pressure.

Enclosures Last Longer

Pool covering tarps do not last very long. One might last up to five years, but age and other reasons would require replacement. Pool enclosures, on the other hand, can last years and even decades.

Pool covers offer many benefits, cost mainly, but an enclosure offers more perks in comparison.