Expert Detailing Tips to Keep Your Ride Looking New

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The relationship a man has with his car is truly special and it is the dream of every man to drive an automobile that looks and feels great during its entire lifespan. However, making this dream a reality requires a lot of care and attention from a vehicle-owner and while the simple washing and vacuuming does wonders, sometimes you have to go above and beyond for the sake of your ride. Here are four smart tips on how you can keep your car looking new for a long time.

Dangerous Droppings!

Many experts in the auto industry stress the importance of protecting vehicle exteriors from droppings of birds, bats, possums, and other such critters as much as possible. While it is impossible to completely eliminate this ever-present threat, you must take the necessary steps to remove droppings as quickly as possible. Allowing such toxic substances to sit on the vehicle surface for a long period of time will lead to the etching of the paint, which over time can turn into a serious issue that cannot be repaired easily. Always keep a microfiber towel and a bottle of cleaning liquid inside the car and use them to clean any mess fast.

Protection for the Paint

Dealers are likely to push their paint protection car products along with every new automobile they sell as it brings in more profits. However, this is only optional and do not agree to purchase just anything that they force you to buy without doing the proper research. Spend time gathering information about all the options available in the market and determine their suitability for your ride before making any decisions.

Dealers also tend to sell these products at higher prices compared to the market and it doesn’t make any sense for you to spend any more than you have to for a product that can be easily found in the market. Being knowledgeable about the range of products available in the paint protection category will help you leverage your position as a buyer when dealing with a dealer to get a better deal.

Avoid Car Washes

It will certainly be convenient for anyone to simply drive into a commercial car wash and give the ride a quick bath on the go. But if you don’t know specifically how they perform the job and what they use, refrain from ever obtaining their services. The care you give to your vehicle at home by washing it with mild detergents and drying it off with microfiber rags will not be given by a commercial washer that uses rotating brushes with hard bristles and detergents that are way too strong to keep your car’s paint integrity intact. Inquire about these factors before getting the job done and proceed only if you know the delicate exterior of your ride is in good hands.

Use Clay Bars

Clay bars have been around since the ’80s and done wonders for vehicles over the years, yet for some reason, they are not known to all drivers even today. These are capable of stripping away the various substances such as grit and grime on the vehicle surface, making the polishing job so much easier and effective. The polish or wax will adhere to the surface a lot better and give your ride the shine and lustre that it deserves.