How To Make The Most Of Your Trip To Melbourne

Australia is home to many amazing cities that are attractive for tourists to visit. However nothing is as wonderful and fulfilling as a trip to Melbourne. This city is the capital of Victoria which is known as a garden state of Australia. True to the nickname of its state, the city is home to the most picturesque locations and beautiful environment while overlooking the Port Philip Bay. With an area spanning nearly 10000 square kilometers, the city has so much to offer to the tourists who give it a visit regardless of how long they can spend there.

However even though it has so much to offer, many tourists do not actually have the opportunity to make the most of their trip to this city which is a real pity. They either focus on just one thing too much or do everything in such a rush that they do not get to experience the city the way it is meant to be. You should not be one of them. So here is how to make the most of your trip to Melbourne.

Experience Nature At Its Finest

You cannot take a trip to the Capital of the Garden State and not actually visit its beautiful Gardens and Gorgeous locations. Melbourne is home to one of the most beautiful and extensive gardens in Australia the Royal Botanical Gardens. With 36 hectares of land, the garden is home to some of the most diverse and beautiful variety of flora and fauna across Australia. If you want to spot rare flowers or even take a picture with the 140-year-old Bunya Bunya Pine you can do so. It truly is a gorgeous place. If you do not really fancy observing plants but enjoy the calm and quiet you should still take a trip to the garden. Given that it is so huge, you would find yourself exploring the garden without other visitors nearby. Just the beautiful trees and flowers by your side with birds giving you company. It can feel like paradise on earth.

Enjoy Great Food And Drinks

Melbourne is truly a multicultural city with many of its resident being immigrants or born to immigrant parents from across the world. Thus the cuisine here is diverse and absolutely delicious. You can of course always make a reservation at some of the prestigious hatted restaurants for a meal fit for a queen. The many restaurants collins st melbourne serve great meals that you will remember for years to come. If you are looking for food at a budget, you can always visit the Victoria Market and enjoy more affordable food that is still delicious. If you are looking for drinks you will be spoilt for choice with amazing bars across the city.

Try Something Adventurous

Australia has a reputation for risk and thrill. In Melbourne, you can find many adventurous and thrills activities you can take part in. Some like canyoning require a bit of elbow grease and agility while bungee jumping just requires you to have courage.

You can find many reputable guides or companies that can ensure that the thrilling activity you choose will be one where you can be safe and free form harm. So trust in them and dare to do an activity that is new and makes you feel truly alive.