How to Outfit a Marine Vessel for Offshore Fishing

Want to know what to buy for your offshore fishing vessel? Here is a brief list of the things you would need the most:

Safety Gear Comes First

The first items you need to buy for your vessel are the safety gear. You must have lifejackets and flares in the vessel, as specified by regulations. If you are venturing into rough waters, you will need Type I lifejackets. Pack as many life jackets as the maximum number of passengers the vessel supports. You should also purchase an emergency first aid kit. Check the regulations in your area to make sure you have all the safety supplies you need before sailing off. Do spend money on high-quality safety gear like high-end flares. Don’t go cheap when it comes to life and death.

Buy a Good Emergency Locator

An emergency locator is a must so expect to spend money on one. There are several options to choose here. Most boaters don’t like bulky locator devices. If the space on the vessel is limited, choose a personal location beacon. Your emergency locator should have top-notch tracking capabilities. For example, your family on land should be able to know where the vessel is located out at sea.

Bundle GPS, Fish Finder, and VHF Radio

Just about any marine vessel these days need a good GPS tracking device and a VHS radio. Fish finders are an amazing addition to game fishing vessels. These allow fishers to locate schools of fish, map underwater structures, or mark locations on a map. There are plenty of options for these gadgets so plan on spending time to research the model that suits you the best.

Invest in a Good Radar Device

You may want to outfit your vessel with a radar device for better tracking, especially in foggy or misty conditions. Radars differ in functionality and performance depending on the boater’s needs. A basic radar is suited for casual sailing trips to clear and rather calm waters. However, there are options such as multi-function radars you can choose to enjoy advanced features. When you choose a radar, you must mind its size and ease of use. It’s highly recommended to purchase a radar only after you’ve seen it in action.

Don’t Ignore Docking Needs

Your vessel shouldn’t be outfitted just for adventures out at sea. Don’t forget what the vessel would need when it’s docked. For example, shop for great boat covers to protect the vessel when it’s not being used. You may want to choose fabrics and styles based on how long the vessel would be docked between trips to the sea.

Pack an Extra Bilge Pump

Like you would pack a spare tyre for a car, pack an extra bilge pump for your marine vessel. If the manual one doesn’t work for any reason, the spare can kick start the auto float switch. You must also purchase a secondary battery and a wire for the spare bilge pump. Keep it independent so and error doesn’t affect both pumps.

Keep a Waterproof Box on Board

Mariners keep arrays of fish hooks and rods on their vessels. In addition to these, keep a waterproof bag or a box on board as well. Use the box to store your electronic devices when you are fishing. Otherwise, you may end up damaging your precious smart gadgets.

Remember, going on fishing trips is not all about packing hooks and baits. You would need the above items as well to make your trip safe and smooth.