More space, more peace and more convenience

Holiday rentals offer something no hotel or resort can ever offer: more space, more peace and more convenience. But do you choose a holiday rental that is listed through an agent or one that is listed directly by the owner?

Agent or Direct?

If you choose to find holiday rentals through an agent, there are definite advantages compared to going direct through an owner.

Dealing with an agent can be preferable as you don’t have to deal with the expectations of the property owner, nor have to meet them. Meeting the owner of your holiday escape can sometimes impact your experience of the home, especially if they are demanding or if they live in an adjacent or nearby building. You may not want the risk of your holiday being impacted in any way by the personality of the person who owns the holiday rental.

Secondly, many owners prefer to use an agent so the work is taken out of their hands. Just like long term rentals, many home owners/investors use the services of a property manager/real estate agent as they themselves want the separation and the services an agent offers. Because of this, there are properties you can only find on listings websites that use real estate agents, and these properties may offer a better location, a better experience and be a higher quality property due to the owner’s ability to invest in the services of an agent.

Lastly, a listing that goes through a real estate agent may reflect the market more accurately, driving the price down. A property that is listed directly by an owner has less checks on how much the owner wants to charge per night for the holiday rental.

So, once you decide to stay in a holiday rental, what do you bring?

5 things to pack for a holiday rental

While most holiday rentals will provide you with the basics (cooking utensils, toiletries, linen), there are a number of things to bring if you want to enjoy the comforts of home while you are away:

  1. All things edible. Remember that not only will you need to plan your meals for the nights you stay in, you will need seasonings (spices, salt and pepper), cooking oil/butter, and condiments. And of course, coffee.
  2. This is a must. Not every rental will have a corkscrew so don’t take the risk!
  3. Kitchen tools. A holiday rental will offer you the basics, but if you are planning something elaborate, make sure you have the tools you need.
  4. Extension cord and power strip. This may sound obscure, but you don’t know how the electric sockets are set up in the home, and you may want to connect computers/phones and other digital items in a convenient place.
  5. Extra linen. You don’t want to get to the property to find out there aren’t enough sheets for you all, as this can be an expensive trip to the shops.