The Different Methods of Towing a Car

You might have to tow your vehicle(s) for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you live in a motor home and it’s the only way to transport your car with you. Maybe you’re going out to the dunes to ride quad bikes with your friends and the easiest thing to do is tow them there. Maybe you’re moving to a different address or perhaps you’ve just gotten yourself into a pretty nasty road accident.

Whatever the reason, should be able to know how the best ways to tow your car, depending on the situation. This will allow you to make sure that your car is perfectly secured and will not be damaged during transportation.

Consider What Towing Option Is Best

Depending on the situation, the method of towing you employ should vary. Typically, there are three recommended ways to tow a vehicle: with a tow bar, with a dolly or with a trailer.

You may have seen some people towing a vehicle by just using a rope or chain. Typically, someone would be present inside the car, controlling the steering wheel, brake pedal and turn signals. This method is very dangerous and should not be tried unless it’s your last resort. If you have to tow your vehicle more than a few blocks, you shouldn’t try this option at all.

With a Trailer

Using a trailer is the simplest way to go at it because they allow you to lift up all four tyres with ease. The only problem is that they might be a bit pricey to rent.

In addition, if the car is badly damaged, you may have to push it onto the trailer inside of driving. Once it’s been loaded, you should make sure to secure it properly. Typically, chains and strong nets are used to secure the rear and front, respectively.

With a Dolly

A tow dolly allows you to just lift up the front tyres off the ground. This means the ones on the back will have to roll on their own. This method is particularly useful if your car is badly damaged in the front after an accident. In addition, if you’re around Sunbury smash repairs are offered by some reputable towing companies.

Once you’ve got the car loaded up on the dolly, place strong nets on the front tyres in order to secure them perfectly. Depending on what kind of dolly it is, you may have chains or hooks to work with instead.

With a Tow Bar

Using a tow bar is the preferred method when you’re hauling a vehicle for long distances. It’s also the preferred way to tow both RVs and toy vehicles like quad bikes. Not only that, it’s the cheapest out of all three methods as well.

When you use a tow bar, all four wheels of the vehicle will stay on the ground. Depending on the specific model of the tow bar, you’ll either connect to your vehicle’s frame or front bumper.

As an adult, you may have to deal with a towing at least once in your life. Hence, it’s best to know the common ways of going about it. This way, you won’t always have to rely on professionals to come and rescue you each and every time.