Things to Know When Buying Fishing Nets

Are you thinking of buying a fishing net or two? Then knowing how to choose them and the many factors that go into considering the right type of fishing net is really important. You could be spending money on something that really does not suit your purpose, if you are not careful. This guide will outline some of the basic factors that you should pay attention to.

The Size of the Mesh

The actual size of the holes in the mesh that you choose is important. For delicate and small fish, like small stream trout, you should choose a slight, micro-mesh. For the others like walleye and bass, a heavyweight net will be needed with the holes in them averaging an inch in size at least. Now that said, for big fish a 1.5- to 2-inch mesh is recommended usually. Remember that the larger the mesh size holes, the less water resistance it will have and that it will be easier to move the net in the water.  

The Size and Shape of the Hoop

The size of net hoop that you choose is also influenced by the length and size of the fish that you catch often. Sadly, if you’re a multi-species fisherman, one net will not fit all. For this you can view the range at live 2 fish outdoors. Keep in mind that for each type of fish and for the different types of fishing involved, there are different sizes and shapes of the hoop that you should get. The teardrop shaped nets are one of the most common and versatile styles. Some of the nets will have a raised front section. These are called scooper nets and are used by anglers who need to net a fish from a considerable distance and also by fisherman who are trolling and the likes.  

The Length of the Handle and the Material

The handle length is another really critical variable. Short handles are by nature compact, easy-to-manoeuvre nets. However, the downside is that you will need to get the fish in really close if you are to be able to net them. On the other hand, long handles will perform well in the big water, where waves and deep hull boats require that you reach out several feet to net the fish.  One of the more recent aspects of net innovation in the industry, is in the handle type.

There are many types such as telescoping, sliding and folding handles that are becoming quite popular among anglers. These models of handles retract giving you better storage while transport, but will also quickly expand and be ready to be used when the fish approaches the boat. Telescoping handle models can be locked in place and the length will be adjustable and the sliding handle models are only able to be locked when they are completely extended to their full length. If you are tight with storage space, this will be a fantastic option. These are some of the main factors that you should know when buying fishing nets.