Things You Should Be Recycling

Recycling is one of the important things we can do for the earth right now. Following the advent of the industrial age, when we began increase the use of raw materials to an alarming extent, we’ve been doing a lot of damage to our own planet. We’ve polluted both the land and the sea and we’ve warmed it up more than it should be. If we want our children to inherit a liveable habitat and not a wasteland, we should act now.

What’s The Big Deal about Recycling?

Recycling significantly minimizes waste, which we produce so much of everyday. The landfill situations in both first-world and developing countries may start to get out of hand very soon. The reality is that we’re running out of space to dump our waste on. When this finally happens, some countries may resort to polluting our oceans next.

Recycling helps to minimize the greenhouse effect. Landfills emit a lot of greenhouses gases into the atmosphere every day, which undoubtedly contribute the trapping of more heat in our atmosphere. Hence by dumping more and more waste, we’re slowly bringing global warming upon ourselves.

Recycling helps the economy. It costs manufacturers a lot to keep sourcing new raw materials in order to make new products from scratch. Alternatively, it is so much cheaper to use recycled material to make them. There’s also the added benefit of good publicity and branding for the manufacturer when using recycled material.

Recycling helps reduce the rate of deforestation. Our forests are in grave danger because of the perpetually increasing need for raw materials. Deforestation results in a lot of animals being driven out of their habitats and everyday a lot of species are in danger of going extinct because of it. In addition, trees help maintain the level of carbon dioxide in the air and therefore their loss contributes to the faster arrival of global warming.

What Should We Recycle?

One reason why people don’t recycle is that they don’t quite know what counts as a recyclable material. If you’re the same, don’t worry. We’re going to list the common items that you can and should recycle:


It is very important that you recycle plastic items like bottles because they’re not biodegradable. Also they release a ton of greenhouse gases while sitting on top of landfills. If you don’t recycle them, they may also end up in our oceans and cause many problems to aquatic creatures.

Paper and Cardboard

Lots of trees are cut down to make paper and therefore you should definitely recycle them. Recycled paper and cardboard scraps are sent off to manufacturers so that they can make new ones from these. 


A lot of people don’t know that tyres can be recycled into a ton of different things. You can turn them into garden mulch for landscaping projects, rubberized asphalt to make roads and fuel to power places like kilns and plants. So if you’ve got a few laying around in your yard, look up some companies that buy old tyres and give them a call.


Recycle your cans that are made out of tin, steel and aluminium

In conclusion, everyone should start recycling right now for the benefit of our collective future. If you don’t know what to recycle, we’ve compiled a list of the common recyclable items.