Tips for a Non-Awkward Reunion Date

Whether it is a reunion with an old friend, or an old flame that simply refused to die down even with time and distance separating you, meeting up with someone you haven’t had contact with in years is definitely complicated. If you fear that it might be too awkward, despite how excited you are to meet them, perhaps you need to follow a few of the bellow tips and suggestions to make it less so.

Have It at A Neutral Place

Never make the mistake of meeting up at your own place or their place. Instead, find a neutral spot to have your reunion at. It may be at a café close to your place, or a park close to their workplace. It may be an old spot you use to hang out at, or a place significant to both of you. If you live in the area, then even selecting a Casuarina restaurant that neither of you has tried out before will also be a fun idea. Remember, food works great as an ice breaker, and if all fails and this does turn out to be a disappointing date, at least you ate well or had a good cup of coffee…!

Arrange Your Own Transport

Carpooling is great in many ways. By travelling together, you can save on fuel, you can be entertained while you fight traffic…you can even have a change of plans at the last moment. However, this is one situation in which carpooling is a little unwise and can cause awkwardness. By arranging your own transport, you do not have to rely on them to drop you off if things get awkward. You will also not feel guilty if you have to leave them behind. Besides, being stuck in a vehicle while battling traffic is not fun at all when it’s still in that awkward phase of the conversation.


Keep the Meeting Short

The human memory can be a little funny sometimes. More often than not, it tends to remember wrong, or conveniently forget information it deems pointless. You might remember your friend as someone who was very interesting and great to talk with, but it might not necessarily be so when you meet. Don’t make the mistake of arranging to spend the whole day with them based on how interesting your conversations used to be in the past. Remember that any conversation can get a little tiring after a few hours, so don’t let it go so far. Keep the meeting short.

Remind Yourself That Change Is Inevitable

You might not feel like you have changed since you last met them, but trust us when we say it’s quite possible you might have both changed. Appearances aside, you might also have developed new hobbies or interests. Perhaps it will be something similar to those hobbies that you previously had…or entirely new ones. This same applies to you both. Reminding yourself that change is inevitable with growth will make it easier for you to accept each other’s differences.